TV x Twitter

Complement TV with Twitter to make your advertising strategy more effective.

TV has always been a shared experience. Now Twitter extends conversations beyond the living room, allowing viewers to discuss what they’re watching in the moment.

The power of TV x Twitter

Two recent studies have shown that aligning Twitter Promoted Products with TV has massive impact:

  • When U.S. CPG brands ran Twitter paid media concurrently with TV advertising, they drove 8-16% more sales than when running TV alone, according to Nielsen in November 2013.
  • When U.K. telco brands ran Twitter paid media on top of TV ads, they saw 36% lower costs per new mobile subscriber than TV alone, according to Marketshare Partners in November 2013.

Best practices to engage your audience

  1. Harness the power of hashtags.
    Most networks today create and promote TV-related hashtags that fans use to discuss shows they love. This gives marketers a powerful opportunity to connect relevant messages to TV-related conversations. Monitor the most relevant hashtags and keywords to your brand to participate in live conversations.
  2. Integrate your Twitter presence into TV ads to extend your reach.
    Your Twitter @username is like your website’s URL. Highlight and promote your @username or a campaign-specific hashtag to invite people to join the conversation about your brand.
  3. Live-tweet popular programming.
    Live TV events like major sporting matches and award shows are great opportunities to engage your target audiences around their passions. Consider live-tweeting during these programs in a way that relates to your brand, partners, spokespeople or your followers’ interests. Make sure to include relevant hashtags to make those Tweets easy to find.

TV targeting with Twitter Ads

There are two types of TV targeting you can do on Twitter: TV ad targeting and TV conversation targeting. TV ad targeting allows you to start a conversation on TV with your commercials, then continue it on Twitter to maximize reach and engagement. With TV conversation targeting, you can deliver Tweets to people talking about a TV show.

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Twitter Amplify

Twitter Amplify enables media companies and brands to capture the excitement on TV and distribute it to fans and audiences across Twitter, beyond their followers. Audiences can immediately relive that moment or experience it for the first time on their mobile phones while they engage in Twitter conversations.

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