Twitter Amplify

Harmonize the two-screen experience

Twitter Amplify enables media companies and brands to capture the excitement on TV and distribute it to fans and audiences across Twitter, beyond their followers.

Audiences can immediately relive that moment or experience it for the first time on their mobile phones while they engage in Twitter conversations.

How it works in three easy steps

Step 1: Exciting content is broadcast on TV or other media channels

From sports to news to entertainment, every category has a highlight reel, and these highlights ignite conversations on Twitter.

Step 2: Real-time videos or photos are prepared for Twitter

The Twitter Amplify sponsorship includes a short, high-impact excerpt from the media partner’s content along with brand integrations, such as an ad pre-roll (up to 6 seconds).

Step 3: Sponsored premium content is delivered to targeted audiences

With Twitter Amplify, media partners and sponsors extend their reach far beyond just their organic followers.

Twitter Video Cards bring videos to the forefront

Twitter Video Cards make it easier and faster for users to access content they love. To learn more about using Twitter Video Cards, contact your account manager.

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