Pepsi Max UK

How does a global beverage company drive equity and brand love through a celebrity ambassador?


Create an online competition to reinforce Pepsi Max’s position as a leader on the global music scene and highlight a partnership with brand ambassador, Beyonce.


Used Promoted Tweets and a Promoted Trend to own the conversation around Beyonce’s UK tour and give away exclusive meet and greet tickets with a “queue-jumping” competition on Twitter.


  • 20.8% average engagement rate

  • 109% increase in followers

  • £0.25 average cost per engagement

Pepsi Max (@PepsiMaxUK) is a maximum taste and no sugar beverage, targeted to 18-24-year-olds through important passion points like music.

Their challenge

To ensure they owned the conversation surrounding their brand ambassador Beyonce, @PepsiMaxUK wanted to drive high participation levels in their online competition.

Their solution

@PepsiMaxUK created a virtualised queue-jump. By tweeting the Promoted Trend hashtag, #MeetBeyonce, fans could then click through to the Pepsi Max site and see where they were positioned in a virtual queue. At three random times during the day, the person at the front of the queue won the meet & greet tickets.

Two days before the #MeetBeyonce Promoted Trend went live, @PepsiMaxUK used Promoted Tweets in search and in timelines to generate campaign awareness. The brand targeted relevant keywords like “Beyonce”, “love Beyonce”, “Jay Z” and “Beyonce tour.” In addition to keyword targeting, @PepsiMaxUK activated gender, geography and device targeting to specifically reach women located in the United Kingdom on mobile.

Promoted Tweets served as teasers for the @PepsiMaxUK Promoted Trend.

To drive engagement, @PepsiMaxUK focused on highlighting the prize and ease of competition entry.

To instill a sense of urgency, @PepsiMaxUK consistently updated their Tweet copy throughout the Promoted Trend with details of prize winners and the number of remaining tickets.

We always want to be where our audience is. Twitter is tightly linked with music and TV, so launching our biggest competition of the year on Twitter was an obvious choice. The proof of our success was in the results: Outstanding engagement, low CPE and thousands of new followers - the return on investment surpassed all expectation

Aman MatharuDigital Marketing Manager, Pepsi Max

3 keys to success

      1. Create a unique experience.
        @PepsiMaxUK created an innovative campaign which ran exclusively on Twitter. The brand generated buzz with a virtualised queue which gave fans the chance to get to the front of the queue every time they tweeted the Promoted Trend hashtag.
      2. Own the conversation.
        @PepsiMaxUK used a hashtag for their Promoted Trend that was ownable, clear and relevant. #MeetBeyonce highlighted the brand’s strong partnership with Beyonce and emphasised their position as global music leader.
      3. Maximise engagement.
        @PepsiMaxUK combine Promoted Trends with Promoted Tweets to gain momentum for the competition. As a result, engagement was consistently high – reaching 32% and averaging 20.8%.