Magnum Turkey

How does an ice cream brand drive awareness for new products?


Drive mass awareness and online buzz for the Magnum Pink&Black ice cream product.


Created an integrated outdoor campaign inviting users to vote and change the color of Istanbul landmarks via Twitter. Used a Promoted Trend to drive awareness and Promoted Tweets to create excitement.


  • 22.3% average Promoted Trend engagement rate
  • 14x brand mentions on Promoted Trend Day

Magnum is the premium ice cream designed for pleasure seeking adults. Owned by Unilever, the brand believes that “a day without pleasure is a day lost” and its core values are sophistication, spontaneity, pleasure and quality.

The challenge

In 2013, Magnum Turkey (@MagnumTurkiye) launched Magnum Pink&Black featuring two different kinds of ice cream: Magnum Pink Pomegranate for playful, upbeat moments and Magnum Black Espresso for more elegant, sophisticated times. @MagnumTurkiye wanted to drive mass awareness and online buzz for its new products.

The solution

@MagnumTurkiye created an integrated campaign around an outdoor activation driven by Twitter. The brand invited Turkish consumers to vote and change the color of Bosphorus landmarks in İstanbul via a Twitter poll. Twitter users could vote using two hashtags: #MagnumPink to make the landmarks pink and #MagnumBlack to make them black. The brand crafted the campaign in four stages.


With a multi-channel approach, @MagnumTurkiye shared teaser announcements about the Twitter poll via TV advertorials, print ads, radio, press and digital media. Promoted Tweets were also used to spark buzz and create excitement.

To get people talking and tweeting, the brand also featured rich media in its Tweets like photos of the Magnum LED dress that would light up either pink or black based on Twitter votes.


@MagnumTurkiye used the Promoted Trend #IstanbulPinkorBlack to drive awareness and engagement. The brand targeted Promoted Tweets to relevant interests like pop, fashion and business news. Promoted Tweets in search and in timelines consistently featured the hashtag to organize and shape the conversation around the campaign.


On the Istanbul Pink&Black Night, @MagnumTurkiye kicked off the activation with a Pink&Black Fashion Show at Esma Sultan Palace. Many local and international celebrities attended the event including brand ambassador and actor Orlando Bloom. To keep Twitter users engaged throughout the night, @MagnumTurkiye used Vine to share real-time videos from the glamorous event.




Starting at 8:45pm, the brand broadcasted the fashion show live on CNNTürk TV and in a live stream on @MagnumTurkiye’s Twitter profile page. At 9 pm, the brand announced the winning color in a Tweet and Istanbul’s iconic landmarks lit up in pink. The winning color received 67% of the Twitter votes via the hashtag #MagnumPink.

“We designed a unique brand experience that really engaged and empowered people. Building a campaign on Twitter allowed us to unlock magic by reaching millions of people and giving them the chance to change the color of the city!”

Leyal Eskin YılmazMarketing Director, Ice Cream at Unilever Turkey

The results

@MagnumTurkiye increased awareness, engagement and sales with the #İstanbulPinkorBlack campaign on Twitter. The Promoted Trend drove an average engagement rate of 22.3% and Promoted Tweet engagement rates reached as high as 28.8%. On the day of the Promoted Trend, the brand generated 35 million impressions and sparked a 14x increase in brand mentions over the daily average.

@MagnumTurkiye drove over 35,000 votes via Tweets that included the branded hashtags and more than 100,000 Twitter live stream views. The brand’s total awareness score significantly increased from 89% to 97% compared to previous year, according to Milward Brown. Magnum market share also increased from 89.9% to 91.9% (AC Nielsen Turkey Ice Cream Tracking.) Best of all, Pink & Black sales doubled @MagnumTurkiye’s target.

3 keys to success

  1. Engage with unique experiences.

    Design integrated brand experiences that revolve around people and what they find meaningful. @MagnumTurkiye gave people the power to change the color of their beloved city by sending a Tweet. To vote, Twitter users had to tweet branded hashtags, generating strong earned media for the brand.

  2. Maximize success with a multi-channel approach.

    @MagnumTurkiye was able to build buzz through a variety of touch-points across traditional & digital media formats. With a Promoted Trend and Promoted Tweets, the brand extended reach and drove real-time engagement on the night of the activation.

  3. Generate excitement with influencers.

    Brand ambassador Orlando Bloom and local celebrities amplified the reach and engagement around the activation.