Lenovo UK

How can a tech brand engage new audiences and drive sales during a key industry event?


Gain new followers and generate revenue during the UK’s biggest consumer electronics show.


Used Promoted Accounts to extend reach and Promoted Tweets to create awareness of Twitter-exclusive offers during the Gadget Show Live.


  • $27K in revenue directly from Promoted Tweets
  • 694% increase in brand mentions
  • 2,576 new followers

Lenovo (@Lenovo) is one of the largest personal computer companies in the world, serving customers in more than 160 countries including the UK (@Lenovo_UK). Dedicated to innovation, the brand has built a reputation around exceptionally engineered products including Think-branded commercial PCs and Idea-branded consumer PCs, as well as servers, workstations and mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones. More at www.lenovo.com/uk.

Their challenge

@Lenovo_UK wanted to grow its follower base, drive product awareness and generate sales during the Gadget Show Live (#GSL), the largest consumer trade show in the UK.

Their solution

@Lenovo_UK combined Promoted Accounts with Promoted Tweets to gain more followers, increase engagement and drive direct revenue.

In the weeks leading up to the Gadget Show Live, @Lenovo_UK used Promoted Accounts to build its base of followers. The brand targeted Twitter users in the UK interested in business, technology and computing. The brand also targeted @usernames of top tech publications like @Guardiantech, @WiredUK and @CNETUK to connect with people similar to the followers of these accounts.

To engage consumers and spark brand buzz, @Lenovo_UK used Promoted Tweets in the days before the start of the trade show. The brand created a ticket giveaway to incentivize Twitter users to follow @Lenovo_UK and retweet its messages. To reach the most relevant and receptive audience, Promoted Tweets were geo-targeted to Birmingham, the location of #GSL.

During Gadget Show Live, the brand also turned to Promoted Tweets to generate sales. @Lenovo_UK created a Flock to Unlock campaign, directing Twitter users to retweet in order to get special discounts on Lenovo products. After a certain number of Twitter users retweeted its message, @Lenovo_UK shared a deal code that people could only get on Twitter.

 @Lenovo_UK worked closely with content marketing agency Covario (@Covario) to optimize Tweets from the show. They created a daily Twitter calendar that included a content mix of product news, rich media like photos and videos as well as compelling and unique offers. To maximize engagement, the brand kept messages timely, included clear calls to action and consistently used the branded event hashtag #LenovoGSL.

“The real-time quality of Twitter is brilliant. It lets you tap into exactly what your audience cares about most. There’s also real potential to drive action and have a strong sales impact with something like a fantastic offer or a giveaway. Twitter campaigns are also much more flexible. They allow you to make creative or strategic changes that you can’t with more traditional ad buys. Plus, geo-targeted Twitter Ads are powerful and can outperform search.”

Andy MurrayEMEA Search Marketing Manager at @Lenovo_UK


Their results

During Gadget Show Live, @Lenovo_UK generated $27K in revenue directly from Promoted Tweets – creating a 4:1 sales to spend ratio. Geo-targeted Promoted Tweets drastically exceeded benchmarks for engagement rate and cost per engagement.

The brand also gained 2,576 new followers and increased brand mentions by 694% over the previous 18 days. @Lenovo_UK created over 2.3 million impressions and more than 13,000 engagements.

3 keys to success

  1. Create exclusive promotions.
    @Lenovo_UK drove direct revenue with Promoted Tweets by offering consumers deals that were only available on Twitter. The brand also created a #GSL ticket giveaway on Twitter to build awareness and goodwill.
  2. Target your message.
    The combination of the geo-targeting with a giveaway created massive engagement for @Lenovo_UK. Promoted Tweets that were geo-targeted to the location of the trade show drove the highest engagement rates of the campaign. “A local targeted Twitter Ads campaign connects you with the right audience and gives you good visibility at minimal cost,” says Murray.
  3. Share rich media. 
    @Lenovo_UK used Twitter to share a unique and highly visual perspective from #GSL. Tweets containing photos or videos drove high engagement rates across the Tweets targeted to the UK.