How does an electronics and appliance retailer spark relevant conversation with consumers?


Increase brand awareness and reach new customers by engaging consumers in relevant conversations.


Used Promoted Accounts to drive followers and Promoted Tweets to increase reach and connect with consumers


  • 10K new followers (28% growth)

  • $0.40 average cost per follower

  • 3.35% average engagement rate for Promoted Tweets

Frávega (@fravegaonline) is a 100 year-old consumer electronics and home appliance retailer with locations across Argentina.

The challenge

@fravegaonline wanted to increase the overall brand awareness and relevance to consumers by targeting new audiences and generating more meaningful conversations.

The solution

Twitter’s Promoted Account and Promoted Tweet products helped @fravegaonline increase their reach, engagement and community size.

For the Promoted Account, they targeted consumers based on categories of interest (sports, home and garden, games, music and radio, movies and tv, tech and computers), alike profiles of main technology brands, journalists and influencers, as well as banks, credit cards and e-commerce platforms.

For the Promoted Tweets, targeting was based on interests (sports, films, tech and computers) and keywords related to cellphones and videogame consoles. They also used targeting based on location and what users were saying on Twitter.

The company highlighted special offers, popular brands and rich media to engage Twitter users. @fravegaonline constantly monitored and optimized the campaign in real time to ensure the most relevant messages were placed in front of an engaged audience.

“We found Twitter to be the ideal place to achieve our goals of expanding reach and engagement and the size of our community, by delivering branded content to interested consumers. The key to success for Frávega was using Twitter’s targeting and working closely with the Twitter sales team on the ground to constantly monitor our campaigns to ensure that we pivoted and optimized our paid media strategy in real-time.”

Valeria QuarantaMarketing Digital Leader at Fravega

The results

@fravegaonline significantly increased awareness, reach and brand conversations. Promoted Accounts drove over 1.3 M impressions and generated over 10,000 new followers – an increase of 28%. The average cost per follower for @fravegaonline was $0.40. With Promoted Tweets, @fravegaonline drove over 800K impressions and an average engagement rate of 3.53% with a cost per engagement of $0.20.

3 keys to success

  1. Integrate to maximize results.

    To grow its base of followers and extend reach, @fravegaonline combined Promoted Accounts and Promoted Tweets targeted to the most receptive audience based on their interests.

  2. Connect to people’s interests.

    @fravegaonline used Twitter Advertising to increased brand awareness by targeting people that had the same interests of their current followers.

  3. Optimize in real time.

    The team at @fravegaonline actively monitored performance and updated Promoted Tweets based on what content was resonating with Twitter users in the moment.