Promoted Trends

Larger brands can gain mass awareness in our list of trending topics.

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Increase advocacy, purchase consideration and earned reach – one hashtag at a time.

Trending topics on Twitter capture the moments consumers care about most. Trends appear in a module on the left side of the homepage, and you can change locations to see what’s trending in different countries around the world. Promoted Trends are positioned at the top of this list for a 24-hour window and are clearly marked with a promoted icon. Promoted Trend on homepage

Promoted Trends are a perfect way to kickstart a conversation, launch new products, run major campaigns or target key dates to drive mass awareness. They come with a special dashboard that gives you insight into Trend performance and other analytics.

The value of Promoted Trends

Promoted Trends can drive business outcomes like increased brand advocacy, greater purchase consideration and long-term impact on earned media.

  1. Promoted Trends boost brand conversation.
    Promoted Trends helped advertisers kick-start conversations about their brands. In the 14 days following Promoted Trend exposure, Twitter users produced 22% more conversations about an advertiser compared to the two weeks before exposure (Twitter internal, 2013).
  2. Promoted Trends drive the most impact at the top of the funnel.
    Kick off campaigns with a Promoted Trend to maximize awareness and purchase consideration. A 2013 study we conducted found that consumers skewed 151% more likely to tweet about considering a product after Promoted Trend exposure. Conversations about intent and purchase also jumped 19% and 33%, respectively.
  3. Promoted Trends have a long-term impact.
    Our 2013 study found that Promoted Trends had lasting impact on consumer conversations about brands. With a 73% lift in brand mentions, Promoted Trends had their greatest impact the day they ran. But even three weeks after a trend, advertisers reaped benefits: a 20% lift in brand mentions, 22% lift in positive mentions and 10% lift in Retweets. You can leverage these insights to use Promoted Trends more strategically — not only as supplements to 24-hour “moments” like product launches, but also as air cover to prop up other campaigns with flight dates that span three weeks or longer.

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