SocialBro's marketing platform gives business powerful tools to analyze and act on Twitter data to grow, engage and monetize their audience
Product Description

The SocialBro Twitter analytics, marketing and management platform for business provides a suite of marketing tools that is a game changer in the hands of the new breed of digital marketer; harnessing the amazing potential of Twitter as a marketing channel that delivers high impact results across a range of metrics.

SocialBro empowers CMOs, agencies and community managers and makes Twitter work for business. It enables marketers to monetize their social media activity and demonstrate that all important return on investment. Just as analytics revolutionized the planning and deployment of PPC campaigns, data and insights are the future of social media. SocialBro combines real time, actionable data with the capability to deliver and manage campaigns to grow, engage and monetize your Twitter audience.

With SocialBro you can integrate your Twitter campaigns with your broader marketing strategy. Easy collaboration capability enables you to share data across teams and facilitates an integrated cross channel approach to generating leads, customers and ROI.

Get smart with Twitter advertising with SocialBro’s ability to track and optimize acquisition performance.

Marry your email database with existing Twitter users to create synchronized social and email campaigns based on interests and popular trends.

See the whole story with at a glance follower overviews and the ability to zoom right down into users’ behaviors and conversation topics, allowing you to build more meaningful engagement.

SocialBro is also an invaluable resource for community managers, giving you all the tools you need to analyze, engage and target existing and potential followers. SocialBro works alongside your preferred Twitter client and adds the power of our amazing suite of tools, from Best Time to Tweet functionality to Tweet Rule Builder and Follower Discovery tools that are dedicated to helping you build and nourish strong, flourishing Twitter communities.

The SocialBro Twitter Dashboard provides a scorecard of your contacts in one view. Analyze the progress of your Twitter account, visualizing your new followers, influential people, unfollows etc. Get accurate information about your community, get to know your audience in-depth and interact efficiently with your contacts. Powerful search options bring your target audience of customers and influencers into clear focus.

Everything you need to achieve your social marketing goals, track your progress, demonstrate ROI, and manage your Twitter community effectively is in one place. SocialBro empowers your marketing and social teams and makes Twitter work for business.

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