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We make sense of the world’s social signal

What makes Kinetic Social unique?

Kinetic Social provides context to brands to empower them to discover and expand audiences, creating meaningful consumer engagements.

More about marketing solution:

  • Technology | SaaS The Kinetic Social Platform The Kinetic Social Platform is built to efficiently execute and optimize media buying at scale. The technology is robust, reliable and streamlined for advertisers to manage campaigns instead of learning multiple systems. The platform provides a variety of tools that assist with media buying throughout the campaign lifecycle.
  • Service | Managed Service Kinetic’s dedicated campaign management team approaches campaign objectives with an integrated approach from planning and strategy through execution and reporting. This team uses the power of our platform and layers in their expertise to make sure you’re achieving your goals.
  • Context | Advisory Service Our Advisory Service offers support beyond media execution and is a one-stop solution for your social campaigns. For media buyers without a content creation team or who’d like more strategic input, Advisory Service brings the best-in-class solutions for organic content, paid creative, and reporting. This service includes pre-campaign research, campaign optimization services, reporting, social listening and recommendations for your brand’s future campaigns.

Product capabilities

  • The Campaign Management Suite significantly simplifies setup and launch of Facebook and Twitter campaigns. This tool’s built-in targeting features help advertisers hone in on specific audiences so there’s virtually no wasted media spend. Safeguard features include auto-pacing to help advertisers manage their budgets and reduce errors.
  • From daily snapshots to weekly and monthly analysis to annual reviews, Kinetic Social’s Reporting Suite consistently helps advertisers keep their finger on the pulse of campaign ROI. Kinetic goes the extra mile with Social Media Monitoring. This cross-platform analysis identifies areas of maximum engagement, helping identify future opportunities.
  • Twitter multi-line item support
  • Twitter objective-based bidding
  • Create and Publish tweets
  • Bulk Upload of tweets
  • Keyword suggestions
  • Twitter @handle suggestions
  • Target followers 
  • Target similar followers
  • Keyword targeting in timelines
  • Multi-user login
  • Promoted accounts in timeline
  • Content recommendation
  • Enhanced geo-targeting
  • Gender targeting
  • Mobile: Device, OS, OS version, Network Speed
  • Interest targeting
  • Keyword targeting: Negative keyword match and disable negative sentiment filtering, Broad targeting, Precise phrase targeting
  • Tailored audiences: collect audience data via conversion pixels
  • TV ad targeting
  • TV conversation targeting
  • US postal code targeting

Service type: Managed, Advisory and SaaS services

Fee structure: Inquire for more information.

Headquarters: New York, NY - USA

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  • Chicago, IL
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