Conversocial is a cloud solution that enables businesses to deliver customer service over social media at a large-scale.
Product Description

Conversocial is a cloud solution that enables businesses to deliver customer service over social media at a large-scale.

Conversocial is used in the contact centers of hundreds of major retailers, banks, telcos, and other brands to enable them to manage the high volumes of complaints and questions they’re receiving through social networks like Twitter and other channels.

Conversocial helps its customers deliver a better customer experience by responding faster and better to service issues through its prioritization and collaboration tools; increase operational efficiency through workflow and management tools designed for large teams of agents; decrease the risk of social with a full security and permissioning system; and increase agent satisfaction with a design-led, intuitive SaaS interface.

Conversocial groups multiple messages between a customer and a brand into conversations–allowing it to deliver advanced customer service workflow and metrics like Average Handling Time. Conversocial believes that the best customer experience and operational efficiency can only come through deep integration into customer service processes and technology.

Conversocial’s key benefits include:
Deliver a better customer experience
Social media is now central to the customer journey. Increase customer loyalty and prevent customer attrition by responding faster and better to customer service issues through Conversocial’s prioritization, collaboration tools and customer records (e.g. Hertz forecast that their social care team will protect over $10m+ in annual revenue through customer retention)

Increase operational efficiency and save costs
Workflow designed for teams of agents and managers to deal with both high volume social engagement and in-depth customer service issues, with full audit trails and management tools, allow Conversocial’s customers to manage a high volume of issues up to 10 times more efficiently than possible natively or with other system (e.g. Publisher’s Clearing House halved their response times after switching to Conversocial, without increasing the number of agents; Barclaycard decreased comment processing time from 1 minute to 5s)

Decrease operational and brand risk
Full management and security tools to manage a large scale customer service operation and remove risk, including approval workflows, complete audit trail, searchable archive and IP locking. Conversocial is designed for rapid deployment and implementation, minimizing disruption and roll-out risk and cost.

Increase agent satisfaction
Conversocial is intuitive and easy to use, designed to safely empower agents to creatively engage in social conversation. Agents using Conversocial are happier. As a result, Conversocial customers report reduced churn.

Example Customers

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