Talkwalker is an easy-to-use and powerful social search, analytics, and monitoring engine, used worldwide by brands and agencies.
Product Description

Talkwalker is an easy-to-use and powerful social media search, analytics, measurement and monitoring engine.

Talkwalker helps worldwide brands and agencies track and optimize their social performance.

Talkwalker offers an intuitive social search and analytics engine that is actually fun to work. The Talkwalker search index is one of the worldwide largest, covering twitter, blogs, forums, online news and other social networks. By leveraging the twitter analytics capabilities, Talkwalker give clients access to Twitter real-time listening, reveal them the key influencers, top conversations, hot topics, and help them measure the effectiveness of social campaigns.

The easy-to-use tool lets clients access sophisticated social media analytics by simply crossing a multitude of social data dimensions that can be filtered and combined to zoom-in on the exact and relevant social performance KPIs.

Furthermore, the tool combines social media benchmarking with listening, analytics and dashboards in just one interface. Clients can search and analyze their social performance on both their own social channels and their earned media comprising the whole “open” social web.

In terms of reporting, the Talkwalker insights can easily be shared throughout the full enterprise with graphics enriched newsletters, reports, powerful dashboards and alerts.

Talkwalker is used by hundreds of worldwide operating agencies and brands to find the key influencers, top conversations, trending topics, for risk management, business intelligence and measuring the effectiveness of social campaigns and presence.

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