Gnip provides enterprise-grade access to the full Firehose of public Tweets so partners can build Twitter-enabled applications. Partners can access the complete historical archive of public Tweets as well as the full Firehose in realtime.
Product Description

Gnip is the world’s largest provider of social data, reliably delivering more than 4 billion social data activities daily to customers in 31 different countries. Gnip is Twitter’s first data reseller and the only company offering access to the full archive of historical Tweets.

Gnip offers the historical and realtime Twitter products listed below:

  • PowerTrack: Filtered access to the full Firehose of realtime Tweets
  • Link Stream: All realtime Tweets containing a link
  • User Mention Stream: All realtime Tweets that mention any user, such as @replies and Retweets
  • Decahose: A realtime 10% sample of Tweets from the full Firehose
  • Historical PowerTrack: Filtered access to every public Tweet ever, all the way back to 2006

Twitter data from Gnip comes with metadata enrichments (Klout scores, URL expansion, language detection), powerful enterprise-grade filtering, and low-latency streaming HTTP in a choice of native format or Activity Streams.

Example Customers

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