Certification Requirements

The terms below are requirements for all products in the Twitter Certified program. Current and potential partners must fully adhere to these requirements. We encourage you to audit your product against all of these terms before applying to the Twitter Certified program.

The Twitter Certified program includes a select group of partners — generally market-tested leaders — and as such, we are not able to accept everyone that applies. We review every application that comes in and will respond to those that are a good potential fit for the program. We invite growing companies that were not previously selected to reapply after six months.

We review each product on a case by case basis during the selection process. Please note that we may indicate areas of improvement beyond our outlined requirements below before we certify a product. 

View the application here.

Be a Good Partner

Twitter looks for partners with products that make Twitter more valuable to businesses, encourage their use of Twitter, and bring Twitter to new users. Good partners make the partnership easy for both parties and have a strong interest in the success of the Twitter platform.


  • Have referenceable partnership experience with Twitter
  • Offer a product that makes a significant impact, helping grow Twitter’s footprint with businesses
  • Remain in a strong and growing financial status
  • Have exemplary customer references
  • Encourage meaningful engagement with the Twitter network
  • Ensure Twitter is a core part of your product and you make use of all applicable APIs and features
  • Use Twitter Platform products rather than creating similar products
  • Provide integrations that behave as consistently as possible with Twitter’s own products
  • Make Twitter more valuable to businesses and solve needs that have not been addressed by Twitter or current Twitter certified products.
  • Help bring Twitter to new or underserved markets not already covered by the current certified products

Follow the Rules

Twitter has standard rules that all developers must follow. These are designed to keep us working towards the same goals and keep our mutual users and network safe. We hold our Certified products to the highest bar with respect to these policies, requiring they are 100% compliant with:

  • The Developer Rules of the Road
  • All of our Display Requirements
  • Our Trademark guidelines
  • The Terms of Service and do not enable users to break the Terms of Service